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Penwell Craftsman in Ringneck Orange

Magnify the Delights of Life

We help those immersed in the complexities of life find moments of refreshment and repose through thoughtfully designed products that magnify the simple delights of life.

You see [the Penwell] and you're like, "That's very strange.", then you use it and you're like, "Oooooh, that's really good."

– Myke Hurley, The Pen Addict Podcast

Love Using Great Pens?

So do we, but let's face it, at times they can be pretty unhandy. Ever find yourself trying to uncap a pen while on the phone? How about uncapping that pen while trying to navigate a keyboard or mouse? Do you regrettably keep a click pen around simply for the convenience?

We can sympathize. The Penwell is designed to eliminate those hassles so we can use the pens we love more frequently. We'll help make mundane tasks a joy, and make using the pen you already love better.

I saw the Penwell and thought it was ingenious. It was usable for any of my fountain pens, didn't take up a lot of space, and was movable. Brilliant.

– Marilyn

I really enjoy the freedom to use any of my pens, anytime I want, without the frustration of having to empty both hands.

– Dave

Intrigued Yet Unsure?

We guarantee you'll love it. So much so we'll buy it back if you don't, two way shipping included. Now you have nothing to lose, and a fantastically handy tool to gain. 

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