Good Made Better

Shipping and Returns


We do our best to ship within one business day of receiving the order.  We're at the mercy of the USPS regarding holidays, and we will make known any other notable interruptions to shipping on our end via our website, newsletter, or through social media.  If you have any special requests please don't hesitate to reach out, as we'll always work to accommodate our customers as we're able. 

Our preferred shipping method is through the USPS.  If different arrangements need to be made please contact us, as we are able to utilize UPS and FedEx, although such use may result in a slight order processing delay.


We are a small company and are unfortunately unable to offer a return policy that spans from one end of the alphabet to the other.  Being small we also like to have the opportunity to communicate with our customers if there's an issue with the product or a return/refund is desired.  With all that said, please contact us via email at with any issues or concerns you may have with your purchase.  We'll do our best to pleasantly and satisfactorily resolve whatever comes up.

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