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Ribbon Mark – Copper
Ribbon Mark – Copper Ribbon Mark – Copper Ribbon Mark – Copper

Ribbon Mark – Copper


If you're familiar with our Stencil Punched Bookmarks you know how much we love to bring old machines into the shop to see how we can use them in new ways. Our Ribbon Marks follow suit if you so choose, but in this case we put our 50 year old manual pantograph to use.

Taking the shape of a delicate book ribbon and applying to what are arguably the most robust of bookmarks, our Ribbon Marks are literally heirloom quality bookmarks. Made from both brass and copper, we leave these uncoated so they patina quickly so they can proudly keep that favorite, worn book company. 

Circular monograms traditionally place the last name initial in the center, so one with the initials ABC would have it monogrammed as ACB. With that caveat, order things as most pleasing to your eye and we'll hand engrave that which you see fit.


  • Material: Brass or Copper
  • Size: 1.25"x 5.875"
  • Proudly made in So. Dakota – USA

South Dakota residents will be charged 4.5% sales tax in addition to any applicable municipal taxes

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