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Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack
Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack

Stencil Bookmarks – 2 Pack


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What happens when one runs across a hundred year old machine with its own ship's wheel and kerchuncks or zwoops every time one of its many levers are operated? First, you buy it. Second, you figure out what to do with it. 

That's exactly how our bookmark project came to be. Originally used to make stencils for labeling anything from military submarine switchgear to industrial factory cautionary notes, we felt it could be entirely repurposed for one of life's quieter, finer pleasures—a good book.

If you haven't seen this machine in action, be sure to check out the video above. Exuding an industrial, blue collar charm, these bookmarks are made of stencil board and have just enough rigidity to make them durable but not so much as to fight with the pages of your book. It's unlikely you'll find a custom bookmark as to the point usable without being frivolously overdone. These just work, and look quite handsome to boot, if we do say so ourselves.

Apply your initials, name, favorite author, zip code, birth year, or anything else you can think of to make it something personal. While you're at it, get a few extra for gifts, as they sure beat the spinning rack of personalized toothbrushes that never have the names you're looking for anyway.

Need more bookmarks, or a different quantity of gift envelopes? Check out our other offerings or contact us for larger quantity orders.


  • Material: Stencil board
  • Size: 1.75"x 6"
  • Number of characters allowed: 8*
  • Characters available:

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  • Proudly made in So. Dakota – USA 

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