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Penwell Traveler Microsuction Replacement Pad

Penwell Traveler Microsuction Replacement Pad


Replacement microsuction pad for the Penwell Traveler series. An adhesive back allows it to be adhered to the base of the Penwell, while a transparent film protects the microsuction side. Trimming is required for use on Craftsman Minis.

Microsuction pad life can fluctuate depending on the individual situation. It's always best to make sure the surface the microsuction is used on is clean from contaminents (dust, furniture polish, greases, oils, etc.) Cleaning the surface you plan to stick the pad to with a simple soap and water solution will help ensure the microsuction stays clean. 

It's also possible on very smooth (non-porous, i.e. glass) surfaces that the microsuction may stick too aggressively and lead to a separation of the pad upon removal of the Penwell. If this is a concern the pad can be pressed against an item of clothing a few times to pick up some fabric lint which will lessen its aggressiveness. 

Cleaning the pad to rejuvenate the stick is a simple matter and we demonstrate how to here.

Installing a new pad is generally a straightforward procedure. The old pad is simply pulled off and a new one stuck on. Any adhesive residue should be removed as best as possible, usually by dabbing the adhsive side of the old pad to pull up any remaining adhesive. Do not use any desolving cleaners to remove leftover adhesive.

The new pad will have a clear protective film over the microsuction surface. Use a fingernail to a piece of tape stuck to it to lift this off after the pad is installed and it's ready to be used.



Fitment: Penwell Traveler, Penwell Traveler Double

Quantity: One pad