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Use and Care

Designed to facilitate one handed use of capped writing instruments, the Penwell can turn many writing instruments into stationary desk instruments.  While a simple and easy to use product, proper use and care will provide a better user experience.  Following are such instructions, as well as a few FAQs. 


Adhere Penwell to writing surface

1. Adhere



Insert pen into Penwell

2. Insert

Insert the writing instrument cap-first into the foam insert until it is firmly set.  The insert clip is designed to apply more pressure to the cap as it's pushed further in.



Remove pen from cap and use

3. Use

Uncap pen and use as a desk pen!



Remove internal components of Penwell to adjust for fit of various pens   Adjust arms of insert to accommodate various sized writing instruments

4. Remove and Adjust



Restore adhesion of the Penwell by cleaning with a damp cloth

5. Restore




    I’m not sure I trust this microsuction sticky pad.  Will it harm my desk?

    If your desk or writing surface is in good shape with a quality finish, the microsuction pad shouldn’t cause any harm.  Microsuction isn’t an adhesive, it’s, micro suction, as in microscopic suction cups.  You’re literally attaching your Penwell with thousands of tiny suction cups—no adhesives.  If you’re concerned about harmful effects, by all means test it out on someone else’s desk first, or perhaps an inconspicuous area.


    Some “sticky” pad, it’s not sticking to anything.  What gives?

    Tip that Penwell over and take a look at the pad.  It likely won’t stick to your one desk because it’s busy sticking to a billion dust particles.  Time to clean it.  Use a clean dishrag, washcloth, bath towel, or any such lint free fabric and get it damp with water only and wipe it off.  That’s it.  There’s no need to scrub, just wipe it gently across a few times and let it dry.  This last part is important.  The little suction cups are now filled with water and need to dry out.  If they’re wet (even though the pad feels dry to the touch) it won’t stick well.  It might stick halfheartedly, so have patience and give it some time.  Set the Penwell upside down so the pad is in contact with air.  15 minutes might be enough, or just clean it at the end of the day and let it dry overnight.  When you’re ready to stick it back where it belongs be sure to clean the dust off that surface first since that’s how you got into this predicament in the first place.

    How do I get my cap out when I want to swap writing tools?

    Some small caps can stubbornly get stuck beyond the reach of fingers.  The first trick to try is to recap the pen, but instead of pulling directly out gently wallow the pen in a circular motion as you pull (think mixing brownies).  As a last resort, remove the Penwell from the surface and use a pencil (eraser end) to push the cap up and out from the bottom back through the top.

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