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Skeptic's Guarantee

We pride ourselves in making high quality, unique goods. Because of this, we understand you might find yourself skeptically questioning if what we claim is really true. We don't fault that sentiment at all, but we do think you'll be more satisfied with our goods than what you even expected to be, so we're not afraid to offer a refund of your purchase price, initial shipping, and return shipping if you find yourself not as in love with our products as you hoped to be.

We get it that not everything is for everyone, but we don't want that hesitation to be a hindrance to you finding some of the best products you never knew existed. Now you can relax, pause the skepticism, and put our word to the test.

Here are the details:

30 Day Skeptic's Guarantee (U.S. orders only)

Any products you're not completely satisfied with can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date for a complete refund of the product price (original shipping included). Simply contact us to initiate the refund process. 

Include your order number and note which product(s) you'd like to return. We will send a prepaid shipping label to you, and a full refund will be issued upon our receipt of the returned package.