Good Made Better

No. 4 – New Year, New Name

With the close of one year and the start of another, it’s that time of year to take stock of the good, the bad, and the in between of the past twelve months.  It’s usually with a sense of guilt that we resolve ourselves to improve upon our lot, to do better and to be better in the coming year.  Notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of resolutions fail, we’re making our own resolution as we head into 2018.  Our change isn’t monumental on the outside, but we hope it to be instrumental in helping to explain exactly who we are and what it is we do.

A brief note about our brief history in case you’re new to this newsletter—we’re only about three months old.  We started with one product (Penwell) and our company identity (Penwell Co.) shaped around it.  In one sense this was fine, as we think it’s a pretty neat product and we’re pretty darn proud of it.  In another sense being identified with a singular product is not truly representative of who we are, nor does it represent how we envision our future.   

Our goal is to make products for people who enjoy finding pleasure in the ordinary moments of life—like using a nice pen.  That’s how this all began.  I enjoyed using my fountain pen, but having to have one hand on a calculator, using it wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d prefer—cap, uncap, cap, uncap, cap, uncap, and on and on it seemed.  Not having a mind that can tackle eradicating malaria or solving politics once and for all, I set my sights on something attainable—all for the sake of pursuing a very tiny, very simple pleasure in life.  And it worked.  One small moment of my day now brings me a tiny little shot of joy where there previously wasn’t one.  A minuscule thing in life, yes, but the majority of our lives are a collection of such minuscule things.  This is the same reason why I choose to use an expensive (all things considered) fountain pen versus a freebie promotional pen in the first place.  It’s also the reason that I know exactly which socks I will wear every day and which is the only toothbrush I’ll use (no joke). It’s the moments similar to these, small moments of joy in the ordinary that are attainable to all of us, and it’s these moments that provide us inspiration for what comes next.

Put simply, we want to make the good things in life better.  This is clear to us, and since we’ve done a less than admirable job in making that clear to you thus far, our first action is to make it impossible to miss by changing our business name to Good Made Better.  The Penwell as a product will still be just that, but Penwell Co. as a business name will be gone (although the website url and email will still work).  Our social media will switch to the Good Made Better handle, but it shouldn’t have much if any effect on those who keep an eye on us on such platforms.  So, just to say it again, the Penwell is a product of Good Made Better the business.  You can now access the site at and email us at  

We do what we do to make the good things in life better for everyone, the ordinary and extraordinary alike.  Join us this year in noticing, and taking pleasure in, the unnoticed moments of life.        


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